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    1. a path less travelled the Douro Valley
    2. reflected in the wine
    3. Porto, a magical city
    4. where innovation meets tradition
    5. a way of life preserved
    6. lingering memories
    7. join us here
    8. gaze smell touch savour
    9. toast the moment
    10. Portugal, a terroir to discover
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    We know you are ready for somewhere special!

    Join us in Portugal in the Douro Valley and Porto. We share the fun, the wine, the gastronomy, our stories of this exceptional place – unforgettable moments of indulgence you’ve been dreaming of.

    A Grape Discoveries tour is more than a dream, it’s a reality: safe, insightful with fresh horizons.

    Porto tours

    View tour profiles

    Porto Taste Discoveries Tour

    Price 70€ per person

    A lively, highly sensory small-group dip into Europe's hippest new food and wine city: Porto.

    [more info]

    Porto Wine Tour [new]

    Price 70€ per person

    Longing for a taste of something Portuguese?

    [more info]

    Porto Running Tour [new]

    Price 60€ per person

    Let’s get moving again!

    [more info]

    Douro Valley wine tours

    View Douro Valley tour profiles

    Wine, Petiscos* and Douro Life

    Price 240€ per person

    Our Douro Valley wine tour shares the real Douro: meet two Portuguese cousins living the generations-old Douro life in their family manors.

    [more info]

    Douro Wine Rebels and Pioneers

    Price 240€ per person

    Meet fresh-thinking winemakers on our Douro Valley winery tour and taste their exciting new wine styles.

    [more info]

    Your Own Douro Experience

    Price 290€ per person

    Grape Discoveries invites you to create your own Douro Valley tour with us.

    [more info]

    Wines of the Douro

    And what if?the new luxury is…

    day trips from Porto, traveling?only with you and yours to the Douro, in safety, becoming an insider, meeting authentic people who make the difference, gazing at breathtaking views, indulging in digital detox and listening to silence? …

    Grape Discoveries offers curated private Douro Valley wine tours that are immersive, personal and real.

    Your?Douro Valley tours?are curated and led by wine writer?James Mayor, based on his passion for Douro culture and wine, and deep friendships he’s made in the region.

    View our day trips from Porto to the?Douro Valley.

    Tastes of Porto

    On your way to the restful Douro, spend time with us on one of our Porto tours. Portugal’s amazingly beautiful second city is often cited as Europe’s hippest wine and food destination.

    Our Porto tours, curated by James Mayor, are a private immersive dip into the culture, wine and gastronomy of this enthralling city. Like our Douro tours, our Porto tours are safe, personal and fun.

    “James Mayor of Grape Discoveries has done all the heavy lifting, assembling a tour that delivers a relaxing, and intimate, view of Porto.”

    Harold, Tripadvisor, December 2019

    Why the Douro Valley?

    Easily reached on one of our day trips from Porto, the Douro Valley is the wildest and most romantic landscape of Europe’s wine regions. The world’s largest mountain vineyard, for decades the Douro was almost inaccessible. Dramatic steep terraces embrace rugged stony soil, forcing the vines to work hard at survival and produce grapes with unusual flavors to make wines that are among the finest anywhere.

    Through our personal relationships, Grape Discoveries gives you intimate and exclusive access to some of the Douro’s legendary private vineyards and pioneering boutique wineries.

    Why Porto?

    On our Porto tours we introduce you to Porto, the new wine and food destination, showcasing innovative table wines of the Douro, against a fabulously beautiful architectural backdrop.

    The gateway to the Douro, for centuries Porto has been the city from which Port wine is shipped overseas. In 1996, Porto was listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

    Grape Discoveries gives you an insiders’ introduction to Porto and the Douro!

    Portuguese wine terms

    click on each term to read more

    uvas | grapes

    casta | grape variety

    cepa | vine

    red grapes: Tinta Barroca, Tinto Cao, Tinta Roriz, Touriga Franca, Touriga Nacional

    white grapes: Gouveio, Moscatel Galego, Branco, Rabigato, Viosinho

    vinha | vineyard

    vindimas | grape harvest

    quinta | farm or estate

    adega | winery

    pipa | cask

    tonel | vat

    colheita | vintage

    rolha | cork

    saca-rolhas | corkscrew

    vinho tinto | red wine

    prova | tasting

    vinho do porto | port